Team Workshop

This downloadable workshop kit has been developed to assist program teams to build connectedness through evaluation of practice and action planning. It is designed for course / program teams (including students and industry partners) to work collaboratively together. The kit contains a powerpoint presentation including video material to contextualise the workshop and guide the enquiry, as well as a facilitator’s plan.

The content of the workshop has been developed from a successful series of workshops that Ruth Bridgstock delivered across Australian universities in late 2016. In these workshops participants explored the toolkit resources, and used them as a tool to engage in a reflective self-assessment of their program / institutional areas and to identify the areas of existing strength and future opportunity for connectedness capability development. This workshop enables educators across Australia to inspire change in their institutions though hands on activities that foster connectedness in their programs.

Suggested steps for use of the kit:

  1. Download the team workshop pack.
  2. Book a room and organise attendees. We suggest a maximum of 12 attendees (these can be staff, students and / or industry). Ensure that you elect a facilitator for the workshop who will guide the activities and keep an eye on the time.
  3. Gather the required resources, and print the necessary items. These are noted in the facilitator plan document.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the faciitator plan document and the slides. Feel free to amend as needed to your context, including clear workshop aims for your context.
  5. Load powerpoint slides and ensure that the embedded video is working on your computer.
  6. Run the workshop using the slides and the facilitator plan document to guide the process.
  7. Jump onto our forum and let us know how you went! We would love to hear about how you are using the workshop in your institution.