Full Reflection on Practice Tool

What is the reflection on practice tool?

The tool is a comprehensive rubric that characterises the connectedness of your unit, course, program, or initiative. The rubric covers several different dimensions of connectedness, including: – how well the program addresses the connectedness capabilities it needs to address – the student learning experience – curriculum and pedagogy, and – program connectedness. It takes a ‘maturity’ approach to characterising practice, with engagement with each dimension ranging from aware through to integrated and sustainable.

Who can use it?

The tool is designed for educators who are seeking to enhance graduate employability by improving the connectedness of their students, programs, and university organisational areas. It is designed for teachers of individual units or courses, convenors and leaders of degree and larger programs, and co-ordinators of co-curricular initiatives and programs. When used in conjunction with the action planning tool, filling out the reflection on practice rubric is intended to encourage reflection about key opportunities to enhance student and program connectedness in your educational context.