Graduate Employability 2.0 Forum round up


The GE 2.0 Forum – September 16th

The Graduate Employability 2.0 Forum brought together over 140 delegates from 16 universities across Australia to discuss the networked approach to graduate employability and connectedness learning in the Australian Higher Education context. At the forum I launched the educators toolkit and welcomed workshop feedback on the Connectedness Learning model and reflection on practice tool that was developed out of my interviews with HE leaders.

For me, some big highlights of the day were:

  • the chance to connect and share practice with one another, beyond our usual circles
  • the chance to hear from inspirational industry and higher education sector speakers about reasons and ways to connect that are truly important
  • an opportunity to workshop connectedness together, and test drive the educators’ toolkit.

Photos from the forum can be found below.

Updating the model and the toolkit

At the forum we embraced the networked approach and workshopped the model and toolkit with forum attendees. The feedback was invaluable in further developing and refining the model and the toolkit. We have now sorted through and digested the content of some 2,400 post-it notes.

Some things we’re definitely going to do:

  1. develop a short, accessible online version of the reflection on practice tool
  2. produce a workshop version of the toolkit for program teams to work through collaboratively
  3. make updates to the model to strengthen how it addresses important dimensions, including:
  •    risk and failure (at individual and organisational levels)
  •    connecting with purpose, values, and ‘why’ as well as others
  •    core qualities such as initiative, resilience, self-efficacy, and stick-to-it-iveness
  1. Augmentation of the case collection for specific areas of interest and practice.


About the fellowship

Graduate Employability 2.0 is the title of my Australian Office of Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellowship. Graduate Employability 2.0 seeks to foster a networked approach to graduate employability. The ‘2.0’ in the fellowship title signifies the central importance of social connections and relationships to all dimensions of life and work in the 21st century. Read more about the fellowship in the GE 2.0  position paper. 

Become involved

You can access the full connectedness learning model and the educators toolkit by joining the GE 2.0 community of practice. Members of the community of practice have access to the toolkit which contains:

  • in-depth descriptions and resources for each model element
  • practical reflection on practice and action planning tools for program development
  • graduate, industry and higher education case studies

The community of practice also provides a platform to discuss and share your connectedness learning practice with others.







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