8 Enabling Principles

There are 8 enabling principles for better connected programs, organisational areas, and institutions.

1.       Embeddedness into wider networks: the program is ‘plugged in’ to wider professional, industry, and interest groups and networks

2.       Identifying and making new connections: the program seeks out new relationships

3.       Strengthening and maintaining connections: the program deepens the relationships it has in effective way, including valuing its connections

4.       Interacting with connections: Interactions and communications are straightforward and effective

5.       Reducing barriers to connectedness: processes are simple and strainghtforward, ‘red-tape’ minimised

6.       Intra-university connections: partnerships and networks within the university are optimised

7.       Resourcing for connectedness: there are enough resources (people, funding) to foster connectedness

8.       Connectedness tools, platforms and digital infrastructure: where students, teachers and programs need to connect with the outside world, real ‘industry authentic’ and open tools are used to make this happens.