10 Pedagogic Principles

There are 10 pedagogic principles for effective connectedness learning.

Through the learning experience:

1. Students have the opportunity to develop professional connections and relationships

2. Students develop one or more of the connectedness capabilities, particularly building a connected identity and identifying and growing new connections

3. Students develop skills in terms of career development learning, networked learning, and / or collaboration for problem-solving or creation of new knowledge


Characteristics of the learning experience:

4. The learning is authentic: it occurs in real professional contexts, involving professional activities and interactions with professionals. This may involve use of open, industry-authentic tools and technologies

5. Student co-design a learning experience that is meaningful for them

6. Industry partners provide input into designing a learning experience that is meaningful for them

7. Partners are carefully selected for alignment with student and program needs, and will benefit from / find value in the partnership themselves

8. Appropriate just-in-time resources and learning activities are provided to help students and connect with networks effectively

9. Every element of the program is tailored to partner, learning context and specific student needs

10. Students maintain the connections they have made, and continue to benefit from them, including ongoing engagement with the program (e.g., as alumni)