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    Ruth Bridgstock

    Hi folks – it occurs to me that while I’m doing quite a lot towards fostering connectedness nationally, there are opportunities for me to be more active in my own back yard here at QUT.

    Here’s some of what I’m going to do:
    I’m going to run a connectedness learning workshop for interested staff in my Faculty, maybe through my Faculty’s learning and teaching community of practice. I’m scheduled to give a seminar in the Faculty of Health next week, and I’ll also offer workshops to a broader institution through the Higher Education Research Network group.

    I’m also involved in a really exciting initiative that will go along way towards embedding connectedness learning throughout QUT- the Real Employability project. The project team are from Student Success and Retention, Careers and Employment and eLearning Services (a triumph of cross-area anti-silo collaborative action already!). We are developing a blueprint for employability learning which will be infused into all of our programs, and the broader student experience space as well. There will also be a range of learning resources and strategies to support this. We’re testing it out right now with my favourite course (OK I’m biased, it’s the course I convene) the Bachelor of Creative Industries. One key dimension of the blueprint is connectedness and networks!! I am so excited about this.

    Erin O’Connor

    Fantastic – this is a comprehensive approach, Ruth. I can’t wait to see what the Real Employ ability project brings. I’ve just been looking at the QUT Law Blackboard community called “QUT Real Law”. They’ve made a great start and host some interesting networking events for their students (I’m thinking the Crime Club, not just the traditional kind). As I’m in the Faculty of Health, I’d be curious about starting something similar here – with lots of student and alumni input!

    Where are other institutions going in this space?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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