Graduate Employability 2.0
The networked approach to graduate employability
Capabilities, teaching approaches, and enabling strategies to foster connectedness in a globally networked world
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Graduate Employability 2.0 seeks to foster learners’ connectedness capabilities for success in life and work in the 21st century.

It also seeks to strengthen the capacity of higher education to cultivate meaningful partnerships and connections with industry, community and other key learning stakeholders. By taking a networked approach to graduate employability, we can learn together to build educational experiences that are authentic, relevant, and empowering.
ABOVE: Dr Ruth Bridgstock’s introduction to Graduate Employability 2.0
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Join the GE 2.0 Community of Practice and connect with educators around Australia who share your interest in graduate employability. Members of the community of practice have access to the connectedness learning toolkit which contains:
  • in-depth descriptions and resources for each model element
  • practical reflection on practice and action planning tools for program development
  • graduate, industry and higher education case studies
The community of practice also provides a platform to discuss and share your connectedness learning practice with others.  
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What are the capabilities, teaching approaches and enabling strategies needed for students, programs and universities to be better connected? The model summarises the networked approach to graduate employability.
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How can you enhance the connectedness of your students, program, faculty, and university? These tools and resources will help.
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Why GE2.0?
What is the networked approach to graduate employability, and why is it important? What does the ‘2.0’ signify? Find out more here.
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